Three Ways of Electronic Portfolios

April 3, 2017

Kathleen Blake Yancey, Kellogg W. Hunt Professor of English at Florida State University 

Monday, April 3, 3:30 - 5:00, 125 Minor Hall 

The history of electronic portfolios is short but also illustrative when it comes to reactions to ePortfolios and uptake of them--or not. Put another way, there are several instances where faculty, staff, students--or all three (!)--resisted ePortfolios, and they teach us one set of lessons. Fortunately, there are more instances of faculty, staff, and students taking ePortfolios up and to good effect, and in these stories we find another set of lessons, including about reflection as both a theory and practice of ePortfolios; about the role of including the personal in ePortfolios; about the role of integrative thinking in ePortfolios; about the future an ePortfolio can include and forecast; about the nature of authentic work that can be of help to others through an ePortfolio; and about the kinds of conversations an ePortfolio, or a set of ePortfolios, can foster. In this talk, then, we'll take a bird's eye view of ePortfolios, considering factors contributing to their failure, factors contributing to their success, and several possible ways forward.

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